Sebastian Jimenez

Microsoft "Remove Keen On" in the current unannounced current title

The developer of Wasteland 3 also plans to increase the size of the study by "30 percent."

Following Microsoft's acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity) and inXile Entertainment (Bard's Tale 4, Wasteland 2), the latter has confirmed an unannounced title in the works. Not only that, but Microosft is "quite interested." Speaking to Eurogamer, inXile founder Brian Fargo shared his thoughts on the acquisition.

As for the daily operation, very little – if anything – has changed. "It's almost as if my boys didn't know we were bought, they didn't even realize it. Literally, everything remains the same. Fargo noted that being owned by Microsoft will translate into more funds. As such, the developer no longer has to trust him. crowdfunding. "Somehow, we had a hand tied behind the back, and now, not anymore."

InXile try to increase the size of your study by 30 percent in the next few days, although not explode immediately overnight. In the short term, we talk about increasing it by approximately 30%. We do not try to become teams of hundreds of people, but simply fill in the gaps we desperately want: having a full-time audio person, having a full-time lighting person, having a kinematic person, these things that could help us improve What we're doing ".

As for the unannounced title, inXile is currently studying how to improve the title with the additional resources available. It may take a while before we really find out, but it's good news for Xbox One and for PC players that something is already under development. Maybe Microsoft and Xbox boss Phil Spencer will reveal more in E3 next year, especially since the latter promised that there was "a lot to share."