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Micosoft Defender be available soon to Android

Microsoft Defender

The relationship of Microsoft Android has never been too good. To begin, the firm tried to stand up to Google's successful operating system with its range of Nokia phones with Windows Phone. The result? An absolute failure. But, it seems that the Redmond-based firm is still looking for options to take advantage of its great rival.

A few months ago we were surprised with his first folding phone, which will stand out for using Android as an operating system. Yes, a fork but Android after all. And now he is working to launch one of his flagship applications so that users of the Google operating system can use it regularly. Yes, Microsoft Defender is just around the corner.

Microsoft Defender

Will it be worth installing Microsoft Defender on our computer?

If you have a Windows 10 computer, you will know that Microsoft Defender is the best antivirus that you can have We talk about a system that is responsible for preventing the arrival of all types of malware. And, although it is true that the tech giant sins in some aspects, such as its more than controversial web browsers, but this particular program is really interesting.

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Tafayor, a very light Android antivirus for your mobile

The best? That from what we have been able to know, since it has been confirmed by Microsoft itself, its successful antivirus will make the leap to Android. Yes we can download and install Microsoft DefenderBut the million dollar question is, do we really need it? Well it depends on the type and use you give to your mobile phone.

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Only 10% of antivirus on Android detects all malicious apps

If you mainly use your smartphone with your head, downloading all the applications through Google Play, it is likely that you do not have any problem with malware. But, if you download APK from external sources, or use your phone to download files from a dubious morality website, you may have a problem. Of course, with the arrival of Microsoft Defender to AndroidAt least it seems that you will be safer.