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Mewtwo Battleship and its clones are available on Pokmon Go

Mewtwo Battleship and its clones are available on Pokemon Go

Are you a lover of Pokmon Go? Well, the news of the month has arrived, so be prepared because thanks to the arrival of the new Pokmon movie ?Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution"To Netflix, Mewtwo Battleship and its clones are available on Pokmon Go. Yes, take advantage and get the first legendary Pokmon in its armored form.

This is the remastering of the first movie of the Pokmon franchise ?Mewtwo Strikes Back?And you can see it on Netflix from today February 26, 2020. This is because tomorrow February 27 24 years after the launch of Pokmon Rojo and Pokmon Verde in Japan.

Everything you need to know about Mewtwo Battleship and its Pokmon Clones in Pokmon Go

How can you see in the trailer Mewtwo appears in its armored form, as Giovanni, head of Team Rocket had it. This is why Niantic has decided to make a guide to the film and give a small promotion in his game announcing that You can get Mewtwo Battleship in Pokmon Go.

But this does not end here, if you saw the original movie (or this new one) you know that Mewtwo has an army of Pokmon clones fighting beside him, Pokmon that you can recognize because they seem to have a kind of tattoos that differentiates them from the originals. Well these Pokmon clones can also be caught, something that seems great to us.

Mewtwo Battleship and its Pokmon clones you can get them in the raids of Pokmon Go. For now there is no more information on this, however, we invite you to be aware because Niantic may place some research tasks that give you quite special rewards.

Cuntanos, Do you like the idea of ??getting Mewtwo Battleship? Your opinion matters to us, let us know in the comments. Do you have any Pokmon shiny in Pokmon Go? Here we leave you a guide on how to capture a shiny or vario-colored Pokmon in Pokmon Go.