Lenovo enters smartphones for gamers with 5G model

Lenovo enters smartphones for gamers with 5G model

The gaming It is the bet of now and its domain extends to smartphones, an arena to which models specifically designed to play are coming, such as the Razer Phone, the ROG phone and the Black Shark.

Now who wants a piece of that cake is Lenovo, brand that already has its division specialized in gaming, called Legion, and who wants it to be through her that this first entry into the gamers smartphones.

The public company on its Weibo channel a teaser poster composed mostly of text that advances the phone to have a processor Snapdragon 865 and capabilities 5G.

The image was shared along with some words that, roughly translated, say something approximate to Real power, confidence in winning every game, always equipped with Snapdragon 865.

That is all that is known so far, because the teaser poster does not have any look at the phone, but if we consider the laptops and PCs that Lenovo launches under the line Legion they presume some of the best components on the market, it seems that this new smartphone will have a high refresh rate, a rough design and a large size.

It is also unknown when it is for sale, but what is certain is that when the phone goes on the market it will be the first smartphone for gamers with 5G, which obviously will put it above other options (and we will surely see it reflected in the price).

Recently brands have begun to bet on a new market segment, that of the smartphones made specifically for gamers, situation that arises from the general confusion that any high-end phone with the potential to play is a smartphone for gamers, of course, an erroneous appreciation of reality.