Monsters that make music in Melody Monsters, a puzzle game

Join monsters to make music with Melody Monsters, puzzle game

Melody Monsters It is a fun puzzle game with a certain air to Candy Crush. Connect the same color monsters inside each board; and get the highest number of musical notes as more monsters you get in each move.

Ethermax, creator of Apalabrados or asked, is the developer of this puzzle game with limited movements and lives. The style of play and design resemble those that have become fashionable after the success of Candy Crush Saga. Nevertheless, Melody Monsters is fun and invites to play. It is also as addictive as other similar freemium games: eye, hook.

Match the monsters of the same color

Monsters that make music in Melody Monsters, a puzzle game

This is the main rule: you must draw a line on the board to get the maximum number of equal monsters out of it. As in Wordament-style games, where you can move with the stroke in all directions (also diagonally) as long as you don't go back with the line, In Melody Monsters you will get higher score as more monsters links. Well, score no: musical notes.

Monsters that make music in Melody Monsters, a puzzle game

Each level sets a different goal. Different monsters with a number of notes to eliminate for each color, enemies that will have to be overcome with music … The mechanics are simple, the goal is not so much: you will have movement limit. And if these movements are over you will spend a life. Does it sound to you Yes, just like Candy Crush Saga.

Monsters that make music in Melody Monsters, a puzzle game

You can connect to Facebook to compete with all your friends as well as to share lives. There are also unlockable aids to achieve the levels; helps that can be bought, as is obvious. There are also different challenges with prizes, offers in shopping packs and more than 80 levels available right now. Etermax will be adding levels soon.

It's a puzzle game more, but that's not why it's less fun

The style of the puzzle games where you have to join candies, fruits, animals, monsters with musical notes … is more than burned in mobile phones, but it still works. In fact, Melody Monsters is very funny. With a musical, intelligent touch, you have to plan strategies to get the level with the three stars … And the monsters have their grace, why deny it.

If you like this kind of casual games, you know: the new Melody Monsters deserves a download. Free for such download and with many in-app purchases. In addition to limited lives that recharge over time.