Install the new Moto G6 camera, you will love it

Install the new Moto G6 camera, you will love it

Today, tecnocat brings you one of the most requested applications by users and is that it is nothing more and nothing less than the new camera application that is equated in the new Motorola moto G6 and Moto E5 2018.

This is also equipped in an update for the first generation Z Play motorcycles where we find a new icon design which is more adapted to the icons of Android oreo.

As for news, this application does not have many since it still has the same interface of the previous versions although it is worth mentioning that it shows a little more fluidity as well as its new icon.

To download it, you just have to go to the link that we will leave you, download the apk and install it as an update directly on your Motorola device, it should be mentioned that it has not been tested with other terminals of different brands so we do not assure you that it works.

Soon we will bring you more applications of these versions so that you can have the full customization of the new Motorola 2018 that will be presented shortly.

Download the camera here

How did you like the new Motorola icons? Leave us your comments.

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