Install official Android P launcher WITHOUT ROOT

Install official Android P launcher WITHOUT ROOT

Recently the new Android update was announced, which at the moment is known as Android P which is nothing more and nothing less than version 9.0 of the operating system most used worldwide.

Among its novelties, this new operating system includes a new design in its ace system, leaving aside everything we know today and betting on a more colorful system and breaking with the traditional Android schemes.

These improvements are still unofficial since they can be changed during the time necessary to officially launch it so that more features can be implemented in this version.

One of the features that was announced in this first release and release of the operating system is a new launcher which comes with little improvement in design but that is, in the style of the Google Pixel 2.

If you want to try this wonderful launcher, you just have to download the apk that we will leave you in a link, install it and place it as default on the device, ready you already have part of the appearance of Android P in your terminal, it should also be mentioned that this is still not very stable so that it can possibly give the occasional unexpected closure and even a little lag so we will be waiting for more updates of improvements and here in We will be sharing them.

Download the new Android P launcher here

Download Here Launcher Wallpapers Android P

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