Increase your views, YouTube and all its translation tools

Increase your views, YouTube and all its translation tools

YouTube has more than one billion users and is available in 76 different languages, so we understand why you sometimes have that feeling.

On average, more than 60% of the visualizations of a channel do not come from the creator's country. That means that two out of three people who watch your channel can speak a language other than yours. How can you make sure that your viewers around the world discover, understand and enjoy your content without problems? This is where our new set of translation tools comes into play. They are designed to help creators make their content more accessible and understandable to the international public. These include:

Subtitles created by the community and hidden subtitles (CC): Make an open call to add subtitles to your video and let your community help you reach more people in more languages.

Translated titles and descriptions: Translate the titles and descriptions of your videos for fans to discover your videos in their native language. We will show your video information in the corresponding language of each viewer.

Translation market (beta): Request professional translations of your content from your Video Manager. You just have to choose the languages ​​to which you want to translate, process the order and pay. When the translation is complete, we will publish your content automatically and send you a confirmation email.

Some of our partners have already tried these options and have had a very significant impact. The VICE channel, for example, increased daily viewing time by more than 50% with translated videos for Spanish and Portuguese speakers. In fact, the viewing time of Spanish-speaking users tripled.

These new features have the potential to radically change the way VICE distributes your YouTube content globally, says Jordan DeBor, VICE Video Partnerships Manager. By eliminating the language barrier, YouTube offers the opportunity to create new public in local markets and to expand it in markets where there is already a presence.

With the help of some 20,000 volunteer translators, TED, another important YouTube partner, has been experimenting with open translation calls for thousands of videos in more than one hundred languages. TED joined the pilot test of the new translation tools a few months ago and combined for the first time the translation of titles and descriptions with the translation of subtitles for two thousand videos in 11 languages. As a result, there was a large increase in the localized viewing time of the channel, which grew from 20% to 35% in total, and in many cases reached 60%.

“For more than five years we have been working to eliminate the language barrier of the TED mission of spreading ideas all over the world, explains Kristin Windbigler, director of the TED Open Translation Project. As one of our most important partners, YouTube has removed borders by getting viewers around the world to discover and access our videos.

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