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How touch screens work and what was the first equipment to use this technology

Touch screens are present in all areas of our lives

Many use them routinely and automatically, virtually every hour (or minute, in some cases) that we are awake and in all areas and environments to fulfill the functions of our daily work.

They are touch screens.

They are present in all parts of our homes at all times: since we wake up to turn off the alarm clock, in the kitchen to turn on the stove or microwave, in the room with the TV, computer, electronic book or eternally in the palm of our hands with the ubiquitous smart phone.

Even outside the home, touch screens are being used more and more in stores and businesses for purchases and services, such as at bank ATMs or in electronic fast food restaurants, to pay at the supermarket, operate machinery and even to vote in elections.

Touch screens definitely revolutionized the world of
 and all other related technologies. We literally have the world at the fingertips but, have you wondered how that technology works, how it developed, who invented it?

iPhone was not the first

Although many first saw the touch screen with the launch of Apple's first iPhone, that company did not invent the technology

Although many first saw the touch screen with the launch of Apple's first iPhone, that company did not invent the technology

In January 2007, many in the world eagerly awaited the launch of a new phone that did not have conventional buttons but a flat screen in which the user could slide their fingers to configure and operate the device.

It was about
first iPhone model of the company
 , which caused sensation among experts and, especially, among consumers almost hypnotized by the movement of cones and the functions that can be achieved just by touching the screen.

"All of us were born with the best artifact to signal – our fingers – and
 use them to create the interface with the most revolutionary user from the mouse ", declare at that time
Steve Jobs
 , founder and CEO of Apple.

The electronics company had patented the technology in the mobile device 11.6mm thick, calling it "multitctile".

The impact was such that there are those who believe that Apple was the inventor of the touch screen, but since the early 1960s there are already prototypes of images on the screen that are sensitive to human touch or a stylet.

In 1965, E.A. Johnson, from the research center of the UK Ministry of Defense, Royal Radar Establishment, had already described a "new" data entry and exit device for computers.

Although the tablet, which was manufactured and patented in 1969, could only interpret a touch at a time, it was used in traffic control screens until mid-1990s.

"A little magic"

The first touch screens could only interpret one touch at a time

The first touch screens can only interpret one touch at a time