How to test applications and games before anyone else

How to test applications and games before anyone else

Many developers publish their applications and games in beta so that users can test the software before officially leaving. The process to access the betas is very simple. And we teach you to take advantage of it.

Google has long made available to developers the option to publish the apps in full development. Before, access to the Google Play Store did not appear, but for a few months Google has provided users with the testing of apps and games. The process is very simple. And you don't need more than your mobile and the installed store, neither Root nor Roms.

Unpublished applications, test apps and games before anyone else

How to test applications and games before anyone else

You will only have to take a couple of steps and you will have a lot of software at your fingertips to take a look at before it goes into circulation. Interesting, what if? If you still did not know the "Beta access" of the Google Play Store, you will surely be hooked on everything you can discover.

The process to access the specific section of the store is as follows:

  • Open the app store.
  • Look at the top, on the green eyelashes with the different sections. Most popular, Games, Family …
  • Move the balloons to the left and discover the «Beta access«.
  • Enter the section and choose between applications and games. Just install the one you want.

You should keep in mind that testing applications and games that are still in development it implies the risk that they do not work correctly. Also that they can spoil your mobile, although it would not be usual: the developers do not publish the app in beta until they are sure that it does not involve risks.

Google+ communities with applications and games in development

Another way to test applications and games before anyone else is use Google+ communities. Many developers publish their apps through these channels. In fact, it was the first that Google opened to take the experiments to the current user.

There are many applications and developers involved, but they are almost all in this search. Find the app you want and follow the instructions of the community to download the software from the Google Play Store. As we said before, keep the precautions: All these apps and games can offer inconveniences in installation and use.