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How to set up an Android tablet for children


How to set up an Android tablet for children

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June 11, 2015

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In a world hyper connected, where mobiles and tablets are becoming not only artifacts that allow timely communication, but mainly in extensions of its users when managing all kinds of areas, from work to sentimental, through the playful, the literacy in such technologies they become an important component in the education of the little ones. However, the process needs to be progressive and move forward according to the child's age.

It is logical that, as parents, we care about all those contents that are available to our children, and the best way to get them to become something constructive is to get directly involved in their reception. But play with the little ones using the tablet not only manages to give us a greater knowledge of the tools with which our children work, to teach them to use them meaningfully, but also strengthen ties between minors and adults; although due to everyday avatars and lack of time it is sometimes impossible.

Today we give you a series of tips on how to configure our Android tablet so that it can be used by a child, having the reasonable assurance that it will move within the limits that we define.

Native options

There are a number of equipment on the market that are already directly prepared for children. In a few days we will make a more extensive and detailed selection, but some of the devices of this style that we are most familiar with are the Galaxy Tab 3 Kid, the Kindle Fire Kids Edition or a tablet that we had the possibility to try on this website, the WeShare manufactured by Vexia and customized by Movistar.

However, it is not mandatory to search for a specific child use tablet, but with app downloadable from Google Play We have the possibility of leaving the system ready to be used by a minor.

Parental control

This term is a bit ambiguous and although we are going to use it to make reference to digital tools that allow directing the experience of children in front of a tablet, the concept is also often used to describe certain services that facilitate having a physical control About the child For example, to force him to answer our call, to know if he has come to school or to know his location at all times. Our partners of The Free Android They published a collection of apps that we recommend, in case you are looking for something like that.

Facebook parental control

Taking the meaning that we will use here, parental control is probably the first of the settings that we must do in a team for children to use. Lately, we are checking that some applications include in their Play Store file a label that allows parental control settings. That is interesting since we can go beyond allowing or prohibiting the use of a small service, setting certain possibilities and closing others. Therefore, we recommend being attentive to these types of notices.

Kids place

It is quite possibly the reference app among those of its kind, along with its numerous extensions. We like it not only because of the enormous number of possibilities it makes available to parents, but also because of the simplicity It offers when it comes to handling it.

Kids Place - Parental Control and Kids Mode

Kids Place - Parental Control and Kids Mode