Cómo saber la temperatura del móvil

How to know the mobile temperature with Thermal Monitor

How to know the mobile temperature

Thanks to the fact that we have better games every time, you may want to learn how to monitor the thermal state of your mobile to take care of it and not let in a matter of weeks or months have a problem with the CPU or GPU.

We are not going to be alarmists either, since surely If so, you could not even play because of the slowdowns of the game, but it is not bad to know if when you raise the graphic options, as can happen in PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile, what warms your mobile. This type of tools will be more and more useful because the games we are having are larger and require more resources from our phones. Go for it.

For overclock fans and those who don't

Thermal monitor

If we look at the new Samsung mobile, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it is a brown beast in its hardware. 16GB of RAM, 512GB of internal storage, an Exynos 990 octa-core cpu and a Mali G77 MP1 GPU You can do it with everything. This means that we can launch games and test this brown beast with this app called; although it must be said that Samsung has its own app to measure temperatures and more.

Thermal Monitor is an app responsible for monitoring The thermal state of the mobile and for this allows us to leave a FAB or floating button to know at all times the temperature of the same. That is to say, that launched, you can play your favorite shooter to know the effect that it produces in the tempratura of our brand new mobile.

And we can assure you that maybe you can be surprised by the temperature it can take. Especially in summer when temperatures are higher and there are some smartphones that, if they do not have a good thermal cooling, can suffer theirs to have to leave them for a while until they cool.

Some of the features of Thermal Monitor

Thermal monitor

Thermal Monitor has some very striking options. Apart from that floating icon that indicates the mobile temperature, it allows us switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit and find the precise information from the same notification bar; By the way, if you are one of those who like betas very much and want to be up to date, don't miss this new app called Beta Maniac.

We must also have that it is designed in such a way that it does not produce an important effect on battery consumption or resources. In fact it takes all the information from Android 10+, which allows its integration to be adequate. Another of its virtues is the small size of the app in the internal memory of our mobile.

And so we find the best virtues of this app that takes little in the Google Play Store, but that will be very useful to those gamers who have their mobile as the "console" main game. Especially when those shooter are required the best in the graphics and we try to exploit all the skills and resources of our mobile.

An app for gamers

How to know thermal status

It really is like that, and as we said, it is an app for gamers. If it was not that when we launched that PUBG Mobile or that Call of Duty Mobile we did not find options to increase the graphic level, we might not even be interested in trying this app.

But surely if you have Fired with PUBG Mobile antialiasing options You will realize that the mobile begins to suffer a little. What better than to activate Thermal Monitor and check in situ if the terminal starts to heat up

An app called Thermal Monitor that allows us to manage and know in real time the thermal state of our mobile. If in fact you are in doubt that your unit is defective, try installing this app on your mobile and that of another colleague who has the same to check temperatures playing the same game.