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How to earn fast money in the game Gears POP

For this juice, the basis of its existence is in a powerful multiplayer mode, with various game modes and team formations to play with friends. However, it includes games against system bots to practice with the characters and train new tactics.

Of course, this is, as in many cases, a game pay to win, so it will cost us much more to reach higher levels if we don't spend real money, or so they say. The fact is that there may be an alternative going that, without touching our pocket, allow us to move forward by getting money to unlock game content.

POP Gears!

POP Gears!

We say this because the basis for progress is playing and just playing. It's true, it's not a magical technique, but the way we play is differential. On the one hand, the games versus they report us coins if we count them for victories, although obviously It is not the lightest method.

There is another one that distributes more coins and in less time, creating a team or being part of an already made one. If we participate in team games, called platoon for this case, we will get more money in less time, even more if we achieve victory in this game mode.

For both options it is necessary know the game mechanics, otherwise the victories will be slim. Also, we must manage energy better than our rival, know first hand the functions of each card to use them at the right time, use the grenades to defend themselves or for distraction, or take advantage of double energy streaks to dominate the ground. They are some of the keys to win more money in each game.

As a last option, we can unlock characters and levels by collecting crystals, that apart from getting them in boxes after playing games, we must be attentive to the challenges and missions that appear on a daily basis, being able to replace some of them with an easier one if we find it difficult to fulfill it.