How to capture a variocolor or shiny pokmon in Pokmon Go

How to capture a variocolor or shiny pokmon in Pokmon Go

How to capture a variocolor or shiny pokemon in Pokemon Go

Are you looking for a variocolor Pokmon? Well, you have reached the right place because, although we know they are quite difficult to find, today we will explain all the ways to get one. So stay with us because we tell you how capture a variocolor or shiny pokmon in Pokmon Go.

All Pokmon have a variocolor shape, what does this mean? Well, the color of the Pokmon changes. A clear example of this is the Gyarados de Lance, which instead of being blue is red. However, this is the only thing that they are different, because their attacks and characteristics are the same.

Everything you need to know about Pokmon variocolor or shiny in Pokmon Go

What are the ways to catch a variocolor or shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokmon shiny or variocolor are no better than normal. In fact, you can have a variocolor Pokmon that has poor statistics and a normal one that has perfect IVs. Although of course, sometimes there are Pokmon that look much better in their shiny form than in their normal form.

Although only the appearance of the Pokmon changes, we must clarify that they are quite difficult to achieve. In fact, in the traditional games of Nintendo portable consoles the probability of getting one was 1 in 4096 (0.0244%), Yes, it was almost impossible! But due to updates, that percentage increased and is now easier to achieve.

Another fact that you have to keep in mind is that Pokmon appearances will count only if you catch them. So you can not face one, see that it is not shiny and abandon the fight.

Ways to capture a variocolor or shiny Pokmon in Pokmon Go

Ways to capture a variocolor or shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

To get a shiny Pokémon in Pokmon Go you have to keep in mind that the probability that one will appear is 1 in 450 (0.2222%), which is a number more accessible than the previous one.

However, you also have to know that this rate of appearance is with a single Pokmon. That is to say, you have to face that Pokmon that you want to get repetitively until you find the version in various colors. Example: if you want to get a shiny Caterpie, you have to face only against Caterpie until the variocolor comes out.

Wild pokmon

Quiz This is one of the most complicated ways next to the hatching of eggs, because you do not handle exactly the Pokmon that may appear to you. That is, you may be lucky and face 20 Diglett, but then you never show up again. Despite this, you can run with luck and the Pokmon that comes out is shiny.

Egg hatching

Egg hatching Pokemon Go

While we now know how to hatch eggs from Pokmon Fsiles in Pokmon Go, eggs are another way to get Pokmon variocolor. It is quite complicated because the percentage of appearance remains the same 1 among 450 (0.2222%), but It's something you can "control" knowing the type of egg you have. As you know, eggs are classified by kilometers to hatch.

In fact, in the 7 kilometer eggs you can get to: Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Anorith, Cranidos, Shieldon, Tritouga and Archen.

Remember that you can get the eggs for the gifts of your friends. So ask them for help. In addition, Pokmon like Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Elekid, Magby and Smoochum are exclusive to eggs.

Pokmon Evolution

Evolution of Pokemon, Pokemon Go