How to block the Bixby button on the Galaxy Note 9, or make it useful

How to block the Bixby button on the Galaxy Note 9, or make it useful

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 goes on sale today, and with it the news that the Bixby button cannot be disabled. The developer of one of the best applications if you have a Samsung with Bixby button has updated its application to be compatible with the Galaxy Note 9. With this application you can disable the button, or even make it useful.

BxActions, the application to make the Bixby button useful

When I analyzed the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a few days ago, I highlighted among my main doubts the absence of Bixby as a virtual assistant and its uselessness. Yes, it is true that Bixby Home and Bixby Vision work, but the voice assistant, which is activated when pressed, is still useless in Spanish.

Moreover, the Galaxy Note 9 is not like the S8, Note 8 and S9, where you could disable the button. In the Galaxy Note 9 you have to put up with it and avoid pressing it by accident. Or at least, use an alternative.

BxActions is one of the most interesting applications if you have any Samsung mobile with the Bixby button. Basically, it is an application whose task is to intercept when we have pressed the Bixby button to perform another action instead. For example, launch Google Assistant, open the camera, etc …

The developer has updated the application so that, we can simply disable the button and do nothing. Of course, being an application that is waiting for us to touch the button it is possible that when you press the button you hear the sound of Bixby. But it will do what you asked.

BxActions works with the Galaxy Note 9, but it also works for any Samsung that has the Bixby button, such as the Note 8, S9, S8 and their versions plus. It is a free application, although to unlock all actions you will have to pay 2.99 euros for the Pro version. Any option that has the icon of a cup of coffee only works if we pay, so we believe that the balance between free functions and premium it's very good.

But come on, to replace Bixby with Google Assistant you get free.