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How to access the hidden options menu on your Xiaomi

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One of the firms that is having the greatest success in the market is, without a doubt, Xiaomi. The Asian manufacturer has managed to gain a place in the sector by presenting solutions of height at scandal prices. If one considers that MIUI has more than 270 million users, it is clear that the work done by the manufacturer is high.

And, one of the great strengths of Xiaomi phones has to do with its interface. MIUI It is a fairly complete custom layer and, although it is true that you may like to use Android Stock more, within the available possibilities it is not the worst option. More now that you will know how to access the hidden menu of your phone.

Xiaomi hidden menu

MIUI Hidden Settings, so you will access the hidden menu of your Xiaomi

This is where it comes in. MIUI Hidden Settings, an app that offers us an alternative to access the engineer mode on any Xiaomi phone very easily. Obviously, this tool is only compatible with brand devices. Of course, you must have Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher to get the most out of it.

Best of all, we are not talking about an external application, but we can directly access MIUI Hidden Settings from the Google app store. And eye, that we can access the dark mode, change the screen size, adjust the energy consumption to slightly increase the battery of our Xiaomi …

A very interesting application that should not be missing in your Xiaomi phone It occupies very little space on your phone and, taking into account all the possibilities offered by MIUI Hidden Settings, it is one of those apps that, looking for a bit, you will be able to get much more juice than you imagine.

MQS - Quick Settings for MIUI

MQS - Quick Settings for MIUI