How Apple stores work in China amid the coronavirus

How Apple stores work in China amid the coronavirus

Not only do iPhone, or MacBook or any of the latest iPad models shine in their whiteness in the five Apple stores that exist in Beijing, but the masks have also flooded the landscape with their white alarm that something is wrong .

Because as in all of China, in the capital of the largest Asian nation, strict security controls for the coronavirus have made all stores adapt.

Apple has not been the exception and that is why for days, in addition to the mandatory use of masks, Apple Store hours have been limited and only allow people who have previously taken the temperature outside the store.

As at least reported on his Twitter reporter of the CNBC network, Eunice Yoon.

In this extreme cleaning operation, Apple provided its retailers, authorized service providers and operating partners with an improved cleaning guide that recommends demonstration products to be cleaned at least twice a day. For example a document circulates that It contains the best practices for using microfiber cloths, as well as tips for washing hands for employees.

But not only Apple is in that crusade to keep Wuhan virus at bay, since the consultant Andreessen Horowitz He placed an awkward sign in his offices that says "due to the coronavirus, there are no handshakes, please."

There is another measure that may be more uncomfortable for workers, since three telecommunications companies, including China Telecom, are making a text message service available to their subscribers to constantly report where they are and whether they have been in the last days in the province of Hubei, where the disease was generated.

Needless to say, the coronavirus has also delayed the production chains of several local brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei, and other foreign ones, including some of technology that have had to temporarily close their offices, such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft , Tesla and Google.

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