Google’s path for its apps to return to Huawei

Google’s path for its apps to return to Huawei

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei, confirmed that the next March 26 in the city of Pars will launch the P40, its next high-end.

However, many worldwide are not excited about the news, because of the commercial blockade of the United States, being a cell phone without Android, which obviously lower sales and interest of several users.

The truth is that Google is working hard to avoid that, since according to the German medium Finanzen, a senior Android executive is pressing the US government to lower the barriers.

“Google has requested the US government. UU. permission to continue to provide services to the Chinese smart phone provider Huawei. However, Google manager Sameer Samat (vice president of Android) did not provide information on Monday, February 24 when a decision on the application could be made. ”

This undoubtedly opens a hope for the Chinese brand, since it at least makes explicit the interest of Google to open a space for Android to return to Huawei terminals.

It also occurs in the context in which Google warned users not to download any unofficial version of its operating system for Huawei phones.

Huawei Y9s main screen

The interesting thing is that a few weeks ago Donald Trump signed the latest trade relations regulations with China, where he allows some suppliers to trade with Chinese brands.

For example, Microsoft has already done this process and obtained approval for Huawei computers to have Windows and other pieces of software from the company of Bill Gates.

In fact, in an interview with Bloomberg, Wilbur Ross, US Secretary of Commerce, explained last November 2019 that some 300 companies had requested to work with Huawei and that some of them could access a license.

"Approximately half of them, or a quarter of the total, have been approved and the rest denied," he explained.

If the application is approved, Google Mobile Services (GMS) services can return to the Chinese brand, including the P30 and of course the p40 to be launched in Pars.

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