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Google restrict access of applications to the location

Android GPS location

The automatic review processes that Google usually uses to analyze if an application is suitable for distribution in the Play Store will receive an important novelty in the coming months as it will be analyzed, case by case, If background location tracking is a necessary.

That is, if it is strictly necessary for the application to work as usual. Many of the applications available in the Play Store, are available for free for download and that make use of it to offer its main functionality and also incorporate advertising.

The problem is found when these applications continue to take advantage that they have permission from the user to access the background location for keep using it to collect our location and thus be able to guide the advertising they show (these types of ads are paid more expensive because they are selective so they generate more money for developers).

We don’t know why Google seems to care now about user privacy, given that track virtually every single one of our movements And who knows everything about us through our email account, our browsing history.

It seems that the growing concern for privacy that users are showing, due to the scandals that continuously stars in Facebook, they’ve put the Google guys on alert and now want to become a friend for users, A friend who will protect you at all times.

All this is very good but the process of reviewing the applications in Google, as in the App Store should be manual and almost automatic. It is not the first time, it will not be the last that we find applications that include viruses or malware in the official stores of both platforms, but it seems that both they reward the speed in the service more to have developers happy than the security of the users.