Google give other manufacturers exclusive function of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Google give other manufacturers exclusive function of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Yesterday Samsung officially presented its second flexible phone, which is known as Galaxy Z Flip. This model (unlike the Galaxy Fold) has the characteristic that it bends vertically, a situation that gives it some advantages of use compared to the Galaxy Fold.

One of these exclusive and interesting functions of the new Z Flip is that of Flex Mode, which allows the new Samsung phone to use it with the screen at a 90-degree angle, thus activating a double-screen function that allows us to use half of the the screen for a task, and the other half for another function.

From what we have seen from Flex Mode, at the moment it is not a kind of split screen that allows you to run two applications on the screen, but the same application is divided into the two screens; For example, when taking pictures, half of the screen is used to see the camera, and the other half shows the galley and controls of the camera.

In fact, in yesterday's presentation, Google was present in an important way, because they not only announced that Duo (its video calling app) be natively integrated into Samsung's new equipment, but also also give away YouTube Premium to users who buy the Z Flip.

It even seems that the Flex Mode function has been worked
between Google and Samsung, so the Mountain View company include the Flex
Mode in the native Android code, so it can be used by
other manufacturers who are also working on a flexible phone at
Z Flip style or Motorola razr.

Android draws on Samsung

One of the most benefited manufacturers for now of this decision of Google is Motorola, because the reason is practically equal to the Z Flip, and for the moment we have no information that other brands are working on flexible phones of this style.

Unfortunately for Samsung, this exclusive function of your Z Flip
Stop being very soon, although it is not the first time Google has added
Android code a features that other manufacturers develop, because
This has been the reason why Android has grown significantly in the
Last years.