Google Fit renews its design on both Android and Wear OS

One of the most recognizable Google apps is Google Fit, responsible for managing and worrying about our physical activity. This application has always been very functional for everyone, but time goes by and I needed an update. Seeing that Google Apps are being updated to Google Material for some time now, this was more palpable.

Now, Google has partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to update Fit not only in design, but in a change of objective in the application. And this update not only comes to Android, it also does it in Wear OS.

Google Fit: new design, new features and new goals

The scoop has been taken by Engadget, which has already been able to test the update and talk about all its improvements. Subsequently, Google has published in its blog in Spain all the app's data summarized, but warns that these changes will arrive this week. We have been unable to find an APK and the update has not yet skipped us.

Google Fit renews its design on both Android and Wear OS

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The first thing we see is more than obvious: the new Google Material lines are already present and all the own elements have been positioned in the bottom bar. All relevant information has been placed at the top, showing the time we have walked, the calories burned, the minutes we must walk daily, and so on. In addition, we have a floating button with Google colors.

Google Fit renews its design on both Android and Wear OS

According to Google, Fit has been reduced to two objectives recommended by WHO and the AHA: minutes of movement and "heart points." The intention of this update is to end sedentary lifestyle, giving us small challenges that force us to move and make minutes of movement to get small healthy achievements until we move with less effort.

According to Google itself literally: «With the activities that make your heart pump harder, you get greater health benefits. Heart points give you credit for those activities. You will receive one point for every minute of moderate activity, such as speeding up while walking the dog and double points for more intense activities such as running or kickboxing. »

Google Fit renews its design on both Android and Wear OS

This implies that Fit wants that each movement counts for the heart points, be it running, walking, cycling, and so on. Google Fit will monitor this activity with the sensors of your mobile and will register everything to receive these rewards and to increase the small challenges that the application puts you to end the sedentary lifestyle that is getting worse day by day.

In addition, Google Fit is still compatible with other apps, such as Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal, but this time to additionally count every minute of movement and heart point you get. Fit will give you tips and clues for your progress, and will show the whole summary of your daily activity.

Wear OS does not get rid: the interface changes too

 Google Fit renews its design on both Android and Wear OS

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