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Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone X: What is devalued faster?

The iPhone X may be expensive, but it also maintains its value for longer, says BankMyCell

scar Gutirrez / CNET

The iPhone X Maybe it was a very expensive phone (for its time), but at least it has maintained its value for longer.

In a study on the devalo of smart phones, the BankMyCell site, specializing in the sale of gadgets, reveals that a Galaxy S9 It loses 59.72 percent of its original price in just nine months. The iPhone X, on the other hand, lost 30.93 percent of its value in the same period of time.

The devaluation percentages mean that if the Galaxy S9 reached the market with a price of US $ 720, nine months later it could be used for US $ 290. An iPhone X, with its unforgettable price of US $ 999, can be obtained second-hand for US $ 690 nine months after its launch.

"Galaxy S phones could be a terrible investment," says BankMyCell, stressing that if the Galaxy S10 experience something similar to S9, Samsung's new cell phone could lose almost half its value just in the first month of launch.

On the iPhone in general, BankMyCell says that its greatest depreciation happens, logically, in the three months following an Apple event on the iPhone (usually held in September). The iPhone X, for example, lost $ 62 worth between January and September; But from October to December 2018, the iPhone X was left worth US $ 138.

The BankMyCell study has more interesting figures, data and suggestions on when it is better to buy a used cell phone or what months of the year to avoid not paying more, in addition to more comparisons between Samsung and Apple's flagship cell phones.


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