Fortnite Challenge: Find the Shadow Shelters

Fortnite Challenge: Find the Shadow Shelters

Season 2 of Fortnite Go ahead and the second week of missions is now available. This week's challenges are known as the Brutus Report missions, and there are many new and interesting tasks to complete among those finding the Shadow shelters.

Challenge list for week 2 of Fortnite

Fortnite scene season 2 week 2

In the second week of season 2, players have 10 new goals to complete, in addition to an additional task that has two possible paths. This is the complete list of challenges this week.

  • Find the five shelters of Sombra.
  • Scan in secret passages in three different games.
  • Eliminate three players with a shotgun.
  • Load an opponent knocked down at least 50 meters.
  • Deal 250 damage to enemy players who are on you.
  • Open three closed treasure chests with an ID scanner.
  • Extortion of demolished minions in three different games.
  • Eliminate three players in Sandy Cliffs or Afflicted Alameda.
  • Inflict 200 damage to players using a rifle in the air.
  • Collect 500 wood, 400 stone and 300 metal.
  • Steal security plans from La Plataforma, El Yate or El Tiburn and hand them over to Sombra.
  • Steal security plans from La Platform, El Yate or El Tiburn and hand them in Spectrum; Completing one of these last two challenges will leave you out of the other.

The theme of this season's Spanish gains strength in week 2, allowing players to discover more about the two organizations, Shadow and Spectrum. This even applies to one of the most important tasks of this week: visit the five shelters of Sombra.

What is shadow?

Fortnite scene season 2 week 2

Shadow is one of the two groups of Spanish that form the core of the season 2 theme Fortnite. As the name implies, this group has a darker aesthetic compared to the lighter Spectrum colors. And they are not just to show off, as the groups compete to seize the island of Battle Royale.

Players have the opportunity to choose the side they want to join in the fight and show their support to the team through variants of almost all new skins of season 2, limited time event modes and weekly missions.

What you need to know about shelters

Before you start looking for shelters, there are some details that you should take into account. Players have to visit all the Shadow shelters on the map, not visit the same in five different games. So far we have only found five, so you must visit them all.

Fortunately, you can do this in multiple games, so take your time if necessary. However, if you want to maximize time, do this in Team Rumble mode, as that offers more time to maneuver, fewer enemies to worry about and more companions to achieve it.

Since shelters look like normal constructions, there are a couple of key points that you need to look for to know if it is one.

Sombra Shelter Locations

Map of Fortnite (season 2)

There are currently five shelters on the Battle Royale map, scattered across the island. Fortunately everyone is next to locations that already have a name, so players won't have to search too much.

Placentero Park Shelter

Shadow Shelter in Placentero Park, Fortnite season 2 week 2

The first refuge is on the east side of the Placentero Park. For some reason, there is currently only one way to get there. Visit the gas station at the east end of town and head to a separate bathroom in the back. Interact with him and be teleported to the shelter.

Sandy Cliffs Shelter

Shadow Shelter in Sandy Cliffs, Fortnite season 2 week 2

The next one is directly east of the Sandy Cliffs, on a hill. The site looks like a radio station, with a large antenna on top.

Finca Frenes Shelter

Shadow Shelter at Finca Frenes, Fortnite season 2 week 2

The third refuge is directly east of the Frenes Estate, just before the bridge. Here is a gas station next to the road. Like the Placenterio Park shelter, players must go to the bathroom in the back to teleport.

Sleeping Pool Shelter

Shadow Shelter near Sleeping Pools, Fortnite season 2 week 2

To the southeast of the Sleeping Pools there is an island right in the middle of the lake. Go ah; find a house that serves as a refuge.

Shelter of the Sacred Hedges

Shadow Shelter in Setos Sagrados, Fortnite season 2 week 2

To the north of the Sacred Hedges there is a dirt road that leads to a small red house of modest appearance. It is the fifth and last refuge; Look for your satellite antenna.

Reward for the challenge of the Shadow shelters

The reward for this mission is 40,000 experience points.