Primeros detalles del Samsung Galaxy Note 5

First details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note

Not long ago I told you about an alleged Galaxy Note 5, which will mount a 4K screen, with an overwhelming pixel density. Well today we bring new rumors and speculation for what may be the phone of 2015.

The first thing that is being rumored is this screen with 4K resolution, but there is nothing certain, since Samsung will also be testing a panel similar to the current Note 4, with a 2K resolution. Samsung never backs down in terms of resolutions, but to power a 4K screen, and on top of that it can render in a correct wayIt can take you some other headache. Not to mention the little need for these resolutions right now in the mobile landscape.

The second rumor that comes to us is about the processor to mount. As we know, the processor they plan to implement is a Exynos 7422, which will come with a new and very promising technology. It is about ePoP, an architecture that allows the processor host multiple components, that is, we will have a processor that combines: CPU, GPU, RAM, internal storage and an own LTE modem. This is very important, since if it is true, we could face each of Qualcomm as a leading company in processors for smartphones

And how not, it is also expected a version with the curved screen, as we have seen in the S6 Edge. Of course, it is speculated that the screen will be smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, having a maximum diagonal of 5.5 inches and the two edges of the screen curved. It is also beginning to be called "Project Zen", a name that can take it out of the Note range to leave it alone.

I say that he can walk alone, because it is also rumored that they will not share processor, being this one, the possible Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 that mounts the LG G4. What we will see for sure is really good cameras, with 16 and 8 megapixels for the rear and the front respectively.

What do you think? Will we see a 4K screen in Note 5?