fingerprint sensor on screen, Snapdragon 845 ...

fingerprint sensor on screen, Snapdragon 845 …

Nokia is one of the brands that has more potential in the Android world if we pay attention to the presentations of the last months and especially to its pricing and update policy.

Obviously it is still far from being what it was at the end of the last century but it is on the right track.

If we thought of something that is missing we could point to a high-end terminal, a flagship, and it seems that Nokia thinks the same since they are working on a flagship with really advanced specifications.

Code Name: Nokia A1 Plus

As reported in WinFuture, Nokia is developing a terminal with a different name than seen so far: Nokia A1 Plus. This model may be sold with another nomenclature, such as Nokia 9 or Nokia 10.

It will have three variables, something logical for a smartphone that will be sold worldwide and that will adapt to different markets. It has been filtered as A1P, AOP and how A1 Plus Euro.

High end features

The filtered data include the processor, which will be the Snapdragon 845, and the fingerprint sensor, which will be embedded in the screen. The panel will be manufactured by LG and will feature OLED technology; something obligatory at the moment whenever you want to put a fingerprint sensor under it.

But the most striking thing promises to be the rear camera, which is not mentioned in the leaked document but it is said that it will be a differentiating element, something that will certainly not resemble normal these days, with two rear sensors.

This would fit the rumors that this model would have a five-lens rear camera, becoming the most versatile in the market.

It will be presented in the second half of the year and it is possible that the IFA is the chosen moment. The German fair will take place in Berlin in the first week of September.