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Filtered new images and specifications the Honor 7 Plus

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<p class=The Huawei P8 was presented last April, but the thing is not left there and is that Huawei is already preparing its next smartphones under the Honor brand, the firm that aims to gain a foothold in the European market.

With this, the first leaks about the Honor 7 and the Honor 7 Plus have not been expected since the other gives the first details, and although it can be assumed that its launch will be once last summer, We already have enough details and images about the aspect to present, in this case, the Honor 7 Plus.

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<p class=The new Honor 7 Plus features a screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, QuadHD resolution with an eight-core processor, the same one that mounts the Huawei P8, the HiSilicon Kirin 930 formed by four Cortex A53 at 2.1 GHz and other four Cortex A53 at 1.53 GHz. So we can see that it is a terminal that considerably improves the specifications of its predecessor, especially in its design.

  • Screen of 5.5 inches with QuadHD resolution
  • 8-core HiSilicon Kirin 930 processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 16 megapixel rear camera and 13 megapixel front
  • 4,000 mAh battery
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Dimensions 157 x 81x 7.9 mm
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop with Emotion 3.1?

The design will undoubtedly be one of the strengths of this terminal; in fact, as we can see in the image, It has some inspiration in the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 with a really beautiful aluminum design. Likewise, it incorporates the fingerprint sensor so characteristic of Mate 7, it even occupies the same place, so the inspiration in this device is not a mere coincidence.

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<p class=Now we just have to wait for Huawei to present the next high-end Honor and lor better to check if it maintains the price line that characterizes this brand with European projection. It will be great to see how its price does not exceed 400 euros. His presentation seems to be falling into the Asian market, and hopefully, obviously, it reaches European territory because otherwise it will be an absolute nonsense.

What do you think of the successor of the Honor 6 Plus? It looks good, doesn't it?