Mascaras impresas Face ID

Face ID compatible masks, this company ensures you can do it

Face ID printed masks

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19 that is suffering worldwide, many users are annoyed to have to remove their masks to unlock their terminals with Face ID. In times of crisis it is well known that humanity brings to light its greatest ingenuity, and that is that a company called Resting Risk Face has launched through the website the definitive product to solve this problem from the first world.

With a price of $ 40 the mask, the signature of this typical product ensures you can solve this recent problem simply by printing the user's face directly on an N95 mask. At the moment they cannot be bought, because they assure that they will not be produced while there are lacks of masks worldwide, but we can be interested in the product through a web form. The company is announced as a "less complicated" alternative to among others the start up Megvii, that created a facial recognition capable of identifying people with masks on, and that got an investment of 100 million Yuan (about 14 million dollars) by the Chinese government last year.

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<p>If we inquire on the website of this product, we find a section that is titled <strong>"Is this a joke"</strong> to which immediately one responds "<strong>Yes. No. We are not sure</strong>. Viruses are not a joke, wash your hands when you can and vaccinate when you can. ”</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Seeing how on the net There are requests to Apple to launch an update that allows Face ID to unlock a device with a mask on (Although this will mean a great loss of security in the device) it is understood that this product, which seems perfectly out of a futuristic fiction that seems not too far away, has a place in our society and even gets to sell some.