Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for free on Google Play

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for free on Google Play

You can now download the sequel to one of the simplest and most entertaining Android games, Hill Climb Racing 2, free on the Google Play Store.

Many times on mobile devices simpler games They are the most successful and if you don't look at Candy Crush or Angry Birds.

That is why it is not surprising that the sequel to the successful Hill Climb Racing, which now arrives on Android a few weeks before it does on the iPhone, has been released.

This game brings us 30 new phases in which to travel the most impressive curves in landscapes of all kinds although the handling will be as simple as ever.

At the time of starting the race we must press the accelerator to bring the needle closer to the green zone of the speedometer.

We will have a button to accelerate and another to brake so that we can balance our car as we move as fast as possible.

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One of the improvements that are added is the power customize our character and our vehicle before waking down the hillside.

Worse not only through aesthetic changes, but also with improvements in the engine, tires, suspension …

Asynchronous Multiplayer

The players have been asking the developers of this game a way to compete against each other and this title is already possible.

We will be able to compete against our friends but, yes, not simultaneously, but asynchronously, as if we were competing against his ghost. We can challenge them in races or competitions.

The game can be free download from the Google store although it includes some purchases within the app.