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Do you want to protect your iPhone? You need Innerexile, the protector that self-repairs in a second

One of our biggest fears is that the smartphone is scratched, especially when it is new. Therefore, we try to take care of it to the maximum by placing some special protector, although we must be aware that not all the time it is possible to avoid these scratches. However, it seems that a solution has finally arrived with Innerexile.

S, Innerexile is a housing and a screen protector created by a Taiwanese company for iPhone devices and other Mac products, which is responsible for repairing scratches in a matter of a second.

But, How does this magical product work? It turns out that the components of Innerexile are formed of tiny microcapsules that contain a liquid, similar to that of glue, which acts in case of scratches. When this occurs, the liquid is distributed by the scratch to repair it.

According to the company, The key to product effectiveness is in the plastic. It is a material called Hydra, a special plastic that manages to stack the microcapsules and make them redistribute in case of scratch.

Innerexile screen protectors and housings have been developed for a wide range of Apple products These include the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, any type of Macbook or even an Apple Watch.

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