Discover how to make an iPhone backup

Discover how to make an iPhone backup

how to make an iPhone backup

Do you know how to make an iPhone backup? Although they seem invincible, the truth is that at some point these phones may fail and you may be forced "sadly" to restart it from scratch and erase all the information. However, if you have backed up properly, you will have nothing to worry about.

Below, we show you several options on how to make a backup of your iPhone.


It's been a long time since iTunes was just a way to store and play your music. Today, with this tool, you can make a backup for the most important memories of your iPhone. Here’s how to make a backup of your iPhone to a computer, through iTunes.

Step 1: opens iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to it. If you are asked for verification, follow the steps on the screen.

Step 2: Select your chosen device within iTunes. If iTunes doesn't seem to recognize your device, follow Apple's help steps.

Step 3: Choose "Summary”In the configuration menu on the left, if it is not highlighted. In the heading “Backups", Choose "This computer”In the backup options. If you want to encrypt the backup, check the corresponding box. If you do, be sure to remember the chosen password or save it in a password manager.


Step 4: when you're ready, click on the blue button “Backup now" On the right side.

Step 5: When the backup process is complete, check under the heading “Last backups”To confirm if the backup was successful.


Apple's ICloud is a service with which you can make backup copies manually or automatically and, in addition, will take care of moving your files to a server somewhere far away. That means that your information will not only survive the possible death of your device, but that, in addition, if your entire home will be destroyed and all your electronic devices will disappear, the photos and anything else you consider important will remain safe.

Keep in mind that the free version is currently restricted to only 5 GB of data, which means you probably won't be able to backup all your photos and videos, however, you can opt for one of the three premium storage options for Up to 2 TB of space.

Step 1: touch "Configuration”And select your name.

Step 2: touch "iCloud". If you haven't used it before, you may want to select which applications or files your iCloud backup should focus on.


Step 3: Once you've done that, select “Backup”From the list of options.

Step 4: If you want iCloud to back up your iPhone on a regular basis, activate the option “ICloud backup"Under the heading"Backup". If you prefer to make a backup manually or simply want to activate another backup at this time, touch “Backup now".

Step 5: when it is completed, confirm that the backup completed successfully by observing the time of “last backup".