Bridge Strike

Destroy bridges in the "Matamarcians" called Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike comes to Android with pixel art and with the mission of destroying those bridges that allow communication to the enemy and thus stock up on services and supplies.

A old-fashioned classic arcade, although we do not have that automatic attack if it is present in most of this type of "matamarcianos", although here with a more real aesthetic with fighters, aircraft carriers and more.

A classic "Matamarcians" with a lot of pixel art

Bridge Strike

Already we had 5 days ago the return of one of the classics Matamarcian arcade called Strikers 1945 Classic and that was the best landing strip to take off this so-called Bridge Strike.

Bridge Strike is characterized and distinguished from others by the need for press the screen to fire our missiles. It is the most striking difference when the rest usually plays with that automatic shot that allows us to focus more on avoiding the shots like the enemy ships themselves.

The main objective of Bridge Strike is destroy a limit amount of bridges and for this we advise you to go directly to the campaign mode. We have another way of Raid in which we have no limit of bridges to destroy as long as we are skilled enough or we are playing advertising videos every time our lives are exhausted.

Multiple locations to fly with our hunt on Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike also puts us before a series of quite varied environments, although it must be said that in raid mode it will cost us a bit to fly through other types of locations such as deserts or forests. It is in the campaign mode, level after level, where we do find that variety and that adds more depth to the gameplay.

Although we have not yet been able to guess what happens when there is an emergency light. We assume it is a radar, although neither it is explained nor it is evident what happens. Only it begins to sound and in a matter of seconds our hunting explodes to our greatest surprise. They are some things that make the gameplay not the one we wanted and it seems a bit weird everything that happens.

Bridge Strike not one of the best arcades We have seen lately, but it does have the right quality to go through these lines. Especially by firing the missiles ourselves or how we can slow the hunting speed or increase it according to our need.

Unlock new fighters

Bridge Strike

All those bridges, enemy ships and different locations to eliminate they will give us in exchange a gold coin that will add so that at some time we have the possibility of unlocking some of the fighters we have in the hangar. Among those ships we have even a UFO with which we assume we will be able to perform better maneuvers and deploy a greater amount of fire on all those aircraft carriers or fighters that come our way.

Bridge Strike not that it's a game to remember, but it can be worth it until we find someone else that forces us to uninstall it from the internal memory of our mobile. We are left with its different mechanics, although sometimes it seems that nothing happens on the screen and it is just one of the biggest criticisms we give to this new shoot ’em up. The graphics are not bad and we are left with those moments of rain or those that are supposed to last night; if that is really the effect that the designer of this game has wanted to achieve.

Bridge Strike is a fairly freemium Matamarcian arcade in which you are going to have to deal with all those commercials, although they will also serve to continue progressing and thus agglutinate more money to get better ships. A fair casual of quality, but that can have that with which to hook us. If you are looking for an idle time without more and this category of games is going for you, don't think about it anymore and install it.

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