Carry all your loyalty cards in one app: Stocard

Carry all your loyalty cards in one app: Stocard

Mobile phones have removed devices such as compact cameras, agendas, watches, GPS and many more items from our daily lives.

Even in recent times mobile payment is making wallets a rather accessory item. Well, for the money, because in them we usually carry other things such as official documents (ID, driving license …) and also the cards of the different stores where we buy.

For the moment we will have to deal with carrying government cards but as far as loyalty cards are concerned we can leave them at home thanks to an app called Stocard

Carry all your loyalty cards on your mobile

This application allows you to store hundreds of cards from dozens of different brands, from supermarkets such as Day or Carrefour to clothing stores.

Also, if we don't find the card we need when we search we can create it from scratch using the bar scanner that incorporates the application and taking photos of the card in case it is necessary to show any specific detail.

Store offers in the app itself

When we create a card we will see that there are several sections, in addition to the data of the same. We can write down notes, if any clarification is necessary, and even see offers. This, for example, we have seen on the supermarket day card, which offers us the Catalogue valid if we want to see it.

It is important that when you use this application you go to the store or supermarket for the first time with the same and the conventional card in case the application fails, something that has happened on occasion, perhaps because of the barcode reading systems. If you see that it does not give problems you can already leave the card in your home the next time you go out to buy.