brands looking for new goals

brands looking for new goals


Company, video games and education: brands in search of new objectives

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June 11, 2015

According to sources close to the main device manufacturing companies, many of them are looking for ways to get out of the pothole where the tablet market is currently located. And they are doing it by developing more specific models, focusing on certain sectors that have not yet reached the ceiling and where there is capacity for improvement, especially three: business, videogames and education. Therefore, we expect that Surface 3 or Nvidia Shield Tablet style devices will continue to proliferate in the coming months.

We have said it before, the market has stagnated because users do not find reasons to replace their tablet in the short term, even some have stopped using them when stepping on the tasks they can do with a large smartphone. And it is that smartphones have increased in size considerably to the point that 5.5 inches, a measure that was previously considered as phablet, is now normal on flagships, see the case of the LG G4.

The new Digitimes report collects this information that refers to firms such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Acer and Lenovo. In reality, there are many more who are taking the initiative to change their goal, but almost always choosing one of the three paths mentioned above. There are some others, such as manufacturing compact tablets with capacity to make and receive calls or adding features like Dual OS, but none has as much travel as entering business or classes, as they would have to go to very specific markets where these models succeed.

Ability to grow

This is the key. According to analysts, the tablet market retains its growth capacity, only that the model used so far is somewhat depleted and new ways must be sought. Some like Microsoft, and soon also Google and Apple, want to exploit the opportunity that exists in the business and education sector. One fact, only in the United States approximately 10 million units for students only of different levels. There are countries like China where Lenovo can find a gold mine if they do it right.

Surface 3

The same thing happens in companies, there are many who are waiting for the moment to move from laptops to tablets for the convenience they provide, but they need the guarantee that they will not have problems to continue developing their work as usual. That's why tablets with processors Intel and Windows operating system They are a majority in this segment and will continue to increase with the arrival of Windows 10. It remains to be seen what Google and Apple are capable of.

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<p>As for video games, the Nvidia Shield Tablet is a clear example that there is a sector of consumers interested in powerful tablets with which to play everything, also newly released titles thanks to the GRID service.<strong> Acer has been the first</strong> in raising a competitor with the Predator 8 but surely it will not be the last.</p><div class='code-block code-block-8' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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