Block file downloads in Internet Explorer

Block file downloads in Internet Explorer

Although it is a somewhat drastic method of protecting your computer, Microsoft makes it possible to disable all downloads in Internet Explorer.

There are several situations when disabling downloads in IE provides a temporary or permanent solution to protect your PC against viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware. Read on to know why and how to prevent users of your computer from downloading files.

Why disable downloads?

Some downloaded files are more dangerous to the security of your computer than others. Executable files with an * .exe file extension are particularly dangerous because those files, as their name implies, have an executable code. Unless you are absolutely certain that a downloaded executable file comes from a reliable source, you should never click on this type of file.

Ask any experienced computer administrator and he / she will tell you that the threat of viruses and other malicious programs increases exponentially as more people have access and use a PC. Even in a domestic environment, impatient children or inexperienced users are more likely to click on anything that seems attractive. Disabling the ability to download files is one thing you can do to protect your computer from the actions of these users.

Finally, if you have a guest account on your computer that anyone can use, you need a method to protect your PC from malicious downloads. The safest alternative is to not allow any downloads. After all, if a person does not have his own account on a computer and must use it, he has a strong incentive to protect himself against the actions of this occasional user.

Obviously, the biggest gap in this method is that someone can simply download Chrome or Firefox and download everything they want, right? Yes, so technically, you have to configure your computer so that it can only run IE or block the execution of Firefox and other browsers. You can read my previous post about setting the kiosk mode for an account in Windows 10, which is the first method.

To prevent other applications from running, you must configure something like AppLocker. However, this will not work if you have the Home version of Windows. It's a bit complicated to set up, so kiosk mode could be a better option if you just try to prevent your children from ruining your computer.

How to block downloads in IE

Fortunately, disabling downloads in IE is just a few clicks away. Start by opening IE and clicking on Tools in the menu bar Then click on Internet Options to open the Internet Options window.

In the Internet Options window, click on the tab Security and then click on the button Custom level located in the Security level section for this area.