Sebastian Jimenez

Black Mesa: Xen ends the Half-Life remake in a new and impressive way

Do you remember the original Half-Life ending? Towards the end of the game, Gordon will go to Xen, a good-looking skybox with a series of disconnected platforms that involved extensive use of the long jump module. It looks good, but it was like a note, and it looked more like the final worlds of Super Mario 64 than anything about the Half-Life design so far. So when Black Mesa, a remake made by Half-Life fans, released its last real version, the developers didn't really focus on Xen and chose to leave it for later. It seems that later it is now, since the team behind the remake has released a trailer of what has been of Xen.

Instead of adding Xen to the game, the incredibly dedicated Black Mesa team has expanded it to be an independent multi-hour campaign set on the alien planet in which much of the game was progressing. You can watch the trailer below and see what they mean.

The triler is almost cut like a Doom triler, but it definitely seems like an impressive effort by everyone involved. Xen seems more or less transformed into an important new area in the game. It is not to run the comparison marathon forever, but there are shadows of Metroid Prime in what the trailer shows, with many more colors than even that game.

The trailer was released for the 20-year anniversary of Half-Life, which was released on November 19, 1998. But the developers say the content should be ready to start soon and that it is set for a Q2 date next year. .