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Become a football coach with Football Manager Mobile 2017

One of the best soccer coaches simulators is back for 2017: Sega puts its Football Manager Mobile 2017 in the Google Play Store. Very good manager game at a somewhat expensive price: 8.99 euros. With a "little" tragedy: due to rights conflicts, the game does not have Spanish players.

Football Manager Mobile 2017 It is one of the key games when one imagines being a soccer coach. Perfectly adapted to mobile phones, it is a game that has not missed the appointment of each season in recent years. Nor in this 2016-2017, that we already have it in the Android store to give it a good review. What's so special for Sega to put that price on him?

The most complete football team manager for mobile

Become a football coach with Football Manager Mobile 2017

We cannot ignore the presence of Fifa Mobile: in addition to EA having ?stolen? all licenses of the Spanish leagues from Sega, its zero cost for downloading and the ability to collect player cards are an incentive against Football Manager Mobile 2017. Although the game de Sega offers everything without having to fight with in-app purchases. Even if these do not disappear, something that seems incomprehensible to us.

Football Manager Mobile 2017 is quite heavy, something logical according to all the information and graphics you must install. We do not recommend downloading with the mobile rate, double upload: the first one in the game and the second one with all the data; giving the option of choosing a heavy or light discharge, depending on the time we have to start playing.

Become a football coach with Football Manager Mobile 2017

In terms of data from clubs, leagues, championships, players, coaches … there is no major complaint beyond the no inclusion of real data for Spanish clubs. Football Manager Mobile 2017 is extremely complete, something important in a simulation game with these characteristics. It allows the management of the teams, the tactics of the game, signing and transfer of players … In short, everything a good football manager should do.

One of the most complete as soccer manager

Become a football coach with Football Manager Mobile 2017

Sega keeps year after year one of the best manager simulators, and this was not going to be an exception. The interface style (rather outdated) and the management and administration methods have not changed. Nor the price: 8.99 euros for a game that is very lame with the absence of the licenses of the Spanish League. And with another drawback: although the price is high, Football Manager Mobile 2017 still has many in-app purchases.

If you are interested in this simulator you already know: you can buy it already in the Google Play Store. Very good game with the serious shortcomings that we have mentioned.