ASUS B150, the gaming motherboard that optimizes your Internet connection

ASUS B150, the gaming motherboard that optimizes your Internet connection

ASUS has announced the B150 Pro Gaming / Aura and B150 Pro Gaming, two new ATX motherboards with a number of specific functions for games such as SupremeFX and Sonic Radar II sound technologies, and Intel Gigabit Ethernet with ASUS LANGuard and GameFirst to optimize online traffic and improve security. The B150 Pro Gaming / Aura model incorporates amazing lighting effects.

Based on the Intel B150 Express chipset and compatible with the 6 generation Intel processors, the B150 Pro Gaming / Aura and B150 Pro Gaming feature a dedicated connector for liquid cooling systems and Fan Xpert 3 For intuitive control. They also include USB 3.1 Type A and Type C reversible connectivity, in addition to NVM Express (NVMe) M.2.

The exclusive technology RAMCache accelerates game loading, Gamers Guardian components underpin the useful life of the system and intelligent DIY functions protect users and provide a more easy and enriching DIY experience.

Gaming is about style, personality and passion. The B150 Pro Gaming / Aura motherboard allows to inject personality and style into the equipment of each user Through the new Aura LED lighting technology, which offers millions of colors and allows you to customize the equipment with LED effects that change from one color to another, respond to CPU temperature changes or synchronize with the user's favorite songs.

SupremeFX audio technology offers high fidelity sound and without practically lost no matter how hard the game gets. The isolated design, the EMI electromagnetic interference cover and the protected 5 V power supply ensure a 115 dB signal-to-noise ratio. SupremeFX includes superior components as the renowned Realtek ALC1150 cdec to listen to the sound in the best possible conditions.

Sonic Radar II allows to add a overlay through which the user can find out what his enemies are doing and the members of his team. All manageable from a simple control panel and a customizable list. Users will be able to visualize the source and direction of the sounds of the games, practice their skill aiming at enemies and enjoy a clearer sound with Audio Enhancement technology.

Advanced seal coupling technology and surface mounted components improve connection performance and reliability, while electrostatically protected components prepared to withstand voltage surges (ESD Guards) multiply X 1.9 tolerance against static electricity and resist up to 15 kV against power surges.

The exclusive GameFirst technology prioritizes the network traffic associated with online games to have more bandwidth to play. In addition, we have added the teaming function to group all networks and ensure the most fluid online experience possible. The new Smart Mode automatically compiles and compares game features to enjoy each one with optimized performance.

In order to facilitate more advanced cooling and reduce noise to the maximum, The new B150 Pro Gaming / Aura and B150 Pro Gaming feature thermal sensors and PWM / DC mode detection (3 and 4 contacts). The Fan Xpert 3 utility allows you to configure each fan to achieve an ideal balance between cooling and silence in the most intuitive way possible.

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