As present Netflix its first app in the iPhone 4 keynote

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Reed Hastings presented the official application of Netflix during the introduction conference of Iphone 4 in the WWDC a decade ago, in 2010.

The CEO of Netflix was talking about the functions of the application from the iPhone 4. Today we review that event.

It was Steve Jobs himself who gave way to Reed Hastings, after talking about great successes of the developers in the App Store.

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This was the first version of the Netflix application on iOS

During the presentation of the first version of the Netflix application for iPhone 4, they were talking about how the company intended to offer the most complete experience of its streaming platform on the small screen of the mobile phone.

The first thing they wanted to show the public is the user interface of the Netflix catalog movies tab. At that time, the card had very few elements. There was a description of the movie, a button to give a rating between 1 and 5 stars, a button to add or remove from the user's playlist and another button to play the content.

You can take a look at the presentation of the application from the 15:00 minute of this video of the 2010 WWDC conference:

The Netflix application for iPhone 4 was quite simple. At the bottom of the app we found four tabs: Start, Catalog, Search and My list.

Everything has changed a lot since then, 10 years have passed in which the streaming platform company has been including such wonderful news as downloading offline content, improvements in user interface design, the option to accelerate playback of content and much more.