Apple will put Apple Watch sensors on the MacBook of the future: patent

Apple will put Apple Watch sensors on the MacBook of the future: patent

A MacBook of the future will be able to analyze your water levels and the state of your blood as you write, according to a patent.

scar Gutirrez / CNET

Although you wear the Apple Watch while using your MacBook, Apple wants to place biometric sensors on the laptop, at least we can deduce it from a new company patent.

This patent discovered by Apple Insider describes the integration of activity and health sensors in the chassis of portable devices. The illustrations in this patent suggest that these sensors should be placed where the palms of the hand normally rest on a computer, near the keyboard.

Apple suggests that the sensors will be applied differently to the same sensors on the Apple Watch (which are on the inside of the watch). As the patent shows, a row of holes will be in the computer chassis and protected by a transparent membrane.

The sensors can analyze cardiac rhythm, respiration, blood oxygen level and blood pressure. Apple Insider says that these sensors will also be able to detect the level of water in the user's body, something that the Apple Watch still cannot analyze.

The presence in the chassis, where the palms are normally placed when writing or using the computer, will be preferred so that the sensors are constantly analyzing the user's levels without this being noticed or their interaction is necessary. On the Apple Watch, these sensors are always in contact with the user's skin, performing periodic scans.

Apple could place this type of sensors on the Mac and seduce users who like to start seeing that kind of health information to finally convince them to acquire an Apple Watch. It is complicated that Apple put this type of technology on the iPhone because of its small size.

Although the patent is not synonymous that the MacBook of the future will have these sensors, it shows that Apple is still very focused on the health and well-being of its users. Since the arrival of Tim Cook, Apple has turned to health with the launch of the Apple Watch; alliances with hospitals and researchers and purchases of companies specializing in health products and everything seems to indicate that going to more. The next generation of AirPods is expected to have physical activity measurement sensors.

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