apple music otras versiones

Apple Music now suggests other versions of the same album

apple music other versions

Apple Music just introduced a novelty silently that surely pleases many users who love music. It is a feature that was available in Beats' original music service and that allows us to easily listen to different versions of an album or song.

Until now, if there was more than one version of an album, each one appeared on the artist's page, which created a somewhat messy and, above all, confusing experience. From now on there is different versions of the album these will appear below in a dedicated section.

More options in Apple Music

Federico Viticci de MacStories is the one who has realized this new function and has shown it on his social networks. If you are looking for a specific album by an artist, sliding down at all you will find a section called Other versions. If there are other versions of that album and they are available on Apple Music, they will appear in this section.

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This section collects remasters, reissues, remixes, demos, luxury editions and "explicit or clean versions" of the same album. The alternative versions to albums are now hidden by default on the pages of each artist, so when looking for only the alternative versions once you enter the album, something that is a much more orderly way to show these versions.

A novelty interesting Apple Music design which is now available to all platform users. If you are one of those who like to listen to several versions of your favorite albums, surely you appreciate this new option.