Apple moves part of the production of AirPods, iPad and Apple Watch to Taiwn


Apple has begun to move production of some of its best selling products, such as AirPods, iPad and Apple Watch.

Due to the massive epidemic of coronavirus In China, the company of the bitten apple logo move part of its production from China to Taiwn.

Since Apple already mentioned recently that, despite the limitations imposed by the Chinese government to temporarily close various factories, they have been able to meet the demand. To which they added that they were working to increase production.

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The production in Taiwn

The original source of this news comes from DigiTimes, through Taiwan News, and they claim that the reliability is absolute given their contacts in the Apple supply chain.

Apparently, Cupertino's firm wishes geographically diversify the production of your products with greater demand due to the spread of the virus in the Chinese region. Since Apple intends to gradually increase the proportion of production in Taiwn while maintaining its cooperation with suppliers in China.

It is estimated that at least one third of China's production will be lost in the first quarter of 2020. And it will be practically impossible to return to normal production levels before the end of February. It is also unknown whether Apple and its Taiwanese manufacturing companies will reach the regular production limit during the first 10 days of March.

China's coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the region. The latest news warns that a total of 1,909 cases of infection and 98 new deaths over the past 24 hours. So, from iPadzate, we send all our strength, encouragement and condolences to our Chinese readers.