Apple implements augmented reality for shopping app

Apple implements augmented reality for shopping app

One of the things that Tim Cook is most excited about is augmented reality, which combined with another of his great goals for Apple in the coming years, which is the area of ​​services, he finds in his ARKit tool, the perfect complement.

Because from Thursday, February 13, what was announced at the developer conference in June 2019 can be used, where it was shown how this platform will help to give augmented reality information about the products in stores.

Home Depot, Wayfair, Bang & Olufsen and 1-800-Flowers are the first companies to create additional links and buttons with ARKit.

As Google already has it, the idea is to see 3D information and these augmented reality shopping tools do not require an application; They are displayed in Safari and use the camera with a mode called AR Quick Look.

There are also buttons added in augmented reality that are equivalent to links that are a quicker direct access to a shopping cart, a store locator or, in the case of Home Depot, to chat with a customer service representative.

Apple augmented reality button

As described by the Apple tool on its developer support page:

“ARKit combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing and viewing comforts to simplify the task of creating an AR experience. You can use these technologies to create many types of AR experiences, using the rear camera or the front camera of an iOS device. ”

It should be remembered that on January 28 of this 2020, Tim Cook enthusiastically referred to the opportunities that open with augmented reality.

“I think when you see the current augmented reality, you see there are applications for consumers and there are applications for business. That is why I am so excited for augmented reality. The reason that augmented reality is impregnated in lives is because it works through business and at home. And both things will happen in parallel, ”he said.

We will have to see how many shops more adapt this system starting in the United States.

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