Amazon Prime Mexico Celebrates its first anniversary!

For those who do not know Amazon Prime, it is a member for Amazon users which gives multiple exclusive benefits to users such as; the company's streaming video catalog, delivery of products in one or two days in our country, and exclusive offers at the event known as Prime Day

On March 20 of the current year, Amazon Prime celebrates one year in Mexico, and because of that Jeff Bezos has announced a series of exclusive offers for its customers, this promotion will end next Sunday, March 25. In addition to this I mention that Prime members will have the opportunity to enjoy up to 40% off, and an extra 10% on purchases over $ 1,500 MXN.

Fernando Ramrez, Product Leader of Amazon Mexico, mentions that the company will extend the price to belong to Amazon Prime for a limited period of time, which will cost $ 449 MXN During the first year, the membership usually has a cost of $ 899 MXN, however, any user who is interested in testing the benefits of this service will have the opportunity to try it for 30 days.

If you are interested in knowing more about Amazon Prime, you can access their website and find out about all the promotions they have prepared for their first anniversaries in Mexico.