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After folding cell phones, TCL plans to launch a smartphone with a sliding screen

The TCL smartphone can be extended thanks to the use of the flexible OLED panel that allows to expand the size of the device to become a tablet

The screens of the
 They don't stop growing and they are getting bigger. For this reason, manufacturers appeal to different designs with borderless models and other innovative designs. This trend allowed the arrival of new proposals such as
Galaxy Fold and the
Z Flip from Samsung which, next to
Motorola Razr, were positioned as the first phones that use the technology of folding panels.

With the fixed idea of ??transforming the smartphone into a tablet, the Chinese manufacturer TCL developed a prototype equipped with a sliding screen that manages to expand the size of the equipment. At first glance, the characteristics of this phone resemble the
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha with its extended display and at
Huawei Mate X

A view of the TCL prototype with the sliding screen in tablet mode

A view of the TCL prototype with the sliding screen in tablet mode

However, the technology used by TCL is very different, since it uses a flexible OLED panel of a piece that allows to perform the sliding opening mechanism,
according to a report from the CNET site.

Little is known about this novel phone beyond the filtered images, where a dual front camera is distinguished along with four other sensors in the subsequent photographic system. TCL planned to present this smartphone in the
Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, ??but after the cancellation it is unknown when the official announcement of the team is finalized.