Vídeo del iPhone 9 en TikTok

A video of an alleged iPhone 9 appears that does not seem real

IPhone 9 video on TikTok

S a fact is news we learned through the social network of the moment, and right now this is TikTok. Just in this social network has begun to circulate strongly a video of the expected iPhone 9, which, as several reports of expert analysts at Apple have stated, will be known within a month, specifically on March 31.

To date there are already several characteristics as true in regard to this device and the video that is now a trend has been based on this data. According to the comments that have emerged from the video that have become a trend, it will be the result of a mixture of rumors regarding the iPhone 9 and to the next iPhone 12. The first ensures that it is almost identical to the iPhone 8 in terms of design, with a rounded form factor of 4.7 inches. While the iPhone 12 is expected to have a more square design similar to the iPhone 4.

An iPhone 9 video goes viral on TikTok

According to the material available on TikTok, it is a device similar to the iPhone 8, but with a design reminiscent of the iPhone 4. Since then, the video has been downloaded from TikTok and shared on Twitter. However, the most meticulous when it comes to Apple have ruled out its truthfulness.

According to the information published by 9to5mac in what we are really seeing is a clone device that runs an Android version with skin. While others say that it could rather be a custom case on a completely different iPhone model, since if this were a legitimate prototype of iPhone, it will surely have a "Proprietary and confidential" warning on the lock screen.

However, as with the concepts or any interpretation of the iPhone before they are presented, there are always elements to rescue. In this case, the video offers several nice visual features, striking to see and with a great touch of imagination.