Sebastian Jimenez

A typical human punctuation system in China is preventing people from booking flights

Sounds like something out of Black mirror, but the early implementation of a "social credit" scoring system in China is very real and has a very negative impact on what is said to be millions of people. The new system, which gives the Chinese government a way to further control its 1.3 billion citizens by monitoring and, in some way, assessing its behavior, is already effectively blocking tons of people who book flights and train travel .

As reported by The independent, the Beijing government published a plan that describes the details of the system this week. In relation to the blockade in flight and by train, the effects of the plan include making it essentially difficult for anyone considered "untrustworthy" to travel. As noted in the document, the scoring system "will be used to reward or punish individuals and organizations for their" reliability "in a series of measures.

"A key part of the plan not only involves blacklisting people with low social credibility scores, but also" publicly disclosing business and people records "of lack of trust on a regular basis."

Yikes And if the goal of the new system is not clear enough, the idea here is that if you "break the law and lose confidence", it will be difficult to move anywhere and, therefore, "pay a price very high".

Until May, the Chinese government had already blocked more than 11 million people to book flights and another 4.25 million to take high-speed train trips. As for the other side of the coin, Chinese citizens under this system are rewarded with "credit points" for doing things like doing volunteer work and donating blood. Violate traffic laws? That is an area where new system punishments are activated.

Also be scrutinized and face the new scoring system if you publish fake news online and buy an excessive amount of video games. And the punishments go further, of course, making travel more difficult. By The independent, the punishments are not detailed, but they are believed to include "reducing the speed of the Internet, reducing access to good schools for individuals or their children, prohibiting people from certain jobs, avoiding booking in certain hotels and losing the right to have pets. "