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a powerful alternative to the Android app store

Tutuapp It is an alternative to Google Play, an Android and iOS application store that allows you to get both those that are in the official store and some that are not for free. Do you want to know more about her?

What is Tutuapp exactly?

Tutuapp is a Chinese application store that has nothing to do with the official store, but that offers its paid applications for free. For this reason it cannot be found in any official store and has become a direct competition of Google.

This store has become quite famous especially for having trick versions of fashion games, such as the Pokmon GO. With the version of Tutuapp you can play this game and capture all the Pokmon without leaving home. It also has a host of applications of all kinds and, all of them, regardless of the cost they have in the official store, here are completely free.

How does Tutuapp work?

After downloading Tutuapp the installation is very simple and being available in several operating systems It can be done on Android, iOS and Windows devices. Just give it several permissions so that it can work properly and, once this process is finished, you have access to all applications.

The user can find any application using the keyword in the search engine, accessing one of its macrocategories or exploring the selection of the editors. If this last option is chosen, the user will be able to see the most fashionable apps at that time.

Download applications from Tutuapp

The store has a registration system that serves to mark lists of favorites, rate and rate downloaded applications and have its own app manager. You also have access to a download history and information regarding the available storage space.

Right now it is the most popular Android store, but also the most controversial because of its dubious legality.

Is it safe?

Many users doubt both their legality and their safety. Nevertheless, for now no indications have been found that indicate that Tutuapp is dangerous or contains malicious software. I know that it is true that it asks for a large number of permits to work correctly, but the store will not be more dangerous than any application downloaded through it. In fact, its installation does not imply the downloading of unwanted applications or the appearance of advertising on the system.

I know that it is necessary to pay attention to the type of application that is being downloaded, since this does not pass the strict control that will happen to be in the App Store or in Google Play, but luckily neither random problems arise as it has occurred in any occasion on Google Play. So When installing an application that comes from Tutuapp, it will be necessary to pay attention to the user's privacy issues and the permissions required on the device.

What permits do you request?

In order for Tutuapp to work correctly on the device, it is necessary to give it the following privacy permissions:

  • Information of the wifi networks to which the device is connected.
  • Information of the network connections to which the device is connected.
  • Access and reading of the archives of the memory card or SD.
  • Notice communication system.
  • Storage space.
  • Permission for installation of a shortcut on the home screen.
  • Permission to access the functions of device location and access to GPS.
  • Access to contacts.
  • Permission to take photos and videos.

Worth it?

Tutuapp is very useful to get paid applications for free and trick games. But you have to keep in mind that the original app is not being used and, therefore, the work of the developers is not being supported. And that, for any problem, there is no option to claim.