a man dies after eating his tablet

a man dies after eating his tablet


It's real: a man dies after eating his tablet

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June 10, 2015

It may sound like a joke but it is not, one of those things that you never think will happen until they occur, almost always in the strangest circumstances. A man of Russian nationality has died after literally eat your tablet. The police had gone to his home to stop him after some altercations and in his desperation to avoid the action of the security forces, he made this deadly decision.

The story took place this past week in the city of St. Petersburg. Apparently, the police received the warning that a man was throwing objects through the window of his apartment. Some agents were personified in the place to verify what was happening and discovered, according to the country's media, that the notice was indeed real. Willing to stop him, they went up to the house and found themselves in a chaotic situation.

As indicated by police report: «A 41-year-old man who was in his apartment, tried to resist the arrest of the police, behaving inappropriately began to eat the broken glass and plastic of his tablet». In principle, it should not have happened to older, but moments later, the man lost consciousness and before the assists arrived he died in the same place of the events.

The police have begun an investigation that clarifies the circumstances of the death and the substances that could cause it. As an anecdote, have not been confirmed if it was an iPad or an Android tablet. Something that we doubt has any relevance, since all the devices with equal of harmful for the health in case of eating them.

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It seems obvious, but mobile devices are not made with the idea that someone can eat them, the substances they contain are highly toxic. That is why this bizarre story has a moral: we must have very careful with young children, which increasingly come into contact with technology. For them, there are specially designed models, with special protections against falls that also prevent access to the interior of the equipment and therefore, smaller parts that can be ingested.

Via: CNet