A delicious casual with many cakes called Uncake


Here the thing is about cakes and you will have to be skilled enough to place the pieces well to go completing level after level in Uncake. A new casual that puts an interesting ingredient to the recipe: object physics.

And maybe you wonder that where object physics comes into play like this. The Mythic Owl proposal is quite bold, and at the same time quite bold. The physics is that when you are able to throw a piece of cake in one of the holes, the cake will "squeeze" so that the rest of the smaller voids disappear. That is, we will really feel that the cake has its volume and physics.

A casual with object physics always grabs attention


And that's how we face Uncake, a casual in which every level is made up of a cake which lacks one or more holes to fill with the piece we have in hand. That is to say, that it will turn on its own axis so that we with one press try to occupy those empty spaces.

This is the gameplay of a new casual that comes with the fixed idea that you pay the necessary attention to throw the piece of cake that you have in your hands. The truth that is a game mechanic that we have seen before, although with the great difference that all that cake occupies a physical space measured by the laws of action and reaction physics.

So when we see that even space does not become enough, as we can ever get into the subway with all those passengers who leave no room for us to enter, the same will happen here with our cake and that portion that we have to introduce as we can.

Wide variety of cakes in Uncake


And so, that randomness of object physics seen in other titles and that usually gives great joys for how fun it is, we have it more than present in this very sweet casual and that for minutes games it is more than enough.

What does convince us is the great variety of cakes to which we will be able to swell our tooth, or fingers. We even have several floors for us to complete one after the other and finally assemble that which could perfectly be for a great feast of a great wedding.

It is here where it comes in the whole freemium side of Uncake, and with which we are already very accustomed. Gold coins according to completed levels, see advertising to double that amount and the possibility of unlocking both cakes and opening those loot boxes. Nothing to surprise us, but here it has its raison d'être by having such a variety of cakes.

Apple, cheese, chocolate …


Y there is to distribute and if you are on a diet we recommend that you pass Olympic because here you will eat with your eyes. We already know the effect it produces on our stomach so that we can hear it roar and quickly look for something sweet in the kitchen to take to our mouths.

Uncake is a casual well carried out and has some pampering, although it is still a pure freemium. For those who they love pastries They will be composing cakes until they unlock all there are and there are a few. For the rest, then go on a diet that we spent more than a month and a half ago Christmas.

Uncake is a casual freemium with many cakes, some object physics and that has the ability to hook us for a few minutes. Perfect for quick games and for those who are used to dealing with desserts and sweets. A title that will make your stomach roar and that will have to be content in some way. Don't waste your time and instead of going to the supermarket, install Uncake.