5 reasons not to buy the Galaxy S10E - Video

5 reasons not to buy the Galaxy S10E – Video

The galaxy DC ten that may be the cheapest phone of the sansn season but this does not mean.
That is the best you can find by suppression some companies like Juan Cruz Guagua and here are phone with good features with a reasonable cost. Better than being in the top five to the reasons not to buy in the galaxy S ten and attentive.
Because we start.
The galaxy family of the high range has always been considered to have extras that have been made elementary and the galaxy S ten E does not have one of them.
The heart rate sensor therefore you have go of this aspect in that place definitely. It's not for you.
The ace is security is treated with the galaxy S ten, it is better not to lose its facial recognition.
Because it is a basic technology that is not true percent reliable and does not include a preside over unleashed sensor but is two.
It seems that it is best to return to a fingerprint sensor.
Or not.
In fashion the sensor today in Galician Baghdad to the next galaxy. We know they are.
Because it did not reach galaxy S ten.
In addition, there are not the first sanction phone numbers that include a fingerprint sensor in a side area, something that it already does in other companies such as Sony, which is also not one of the novelties.
In the second position of Z five we have the flat screen.
This cell phone does not have a beautiful modern curved screen, you have to do your homework with less missiles, on the contrary, sometimes I think you are watching, do not fly with ten R.
To this we must add that its resolution pixel density is lower than the galaxy S ten ten and ten in which curved screen are included.
And in the position number one as it could not be otherwise we have the high price of the galaxy S ten.
If the apparatus of the two thousand nineteen galaxy but is practically the same as what the taxi cost was nine when it was launched last year and it is more expensive than the best phones of the moment like Juan Carlos Einstein.
Ms and defender of Bojan screen or honor and a twenty that this is not logical on the screen long before the phone is.
This has been five of the reasons not to buy a galaxy.
That ticket but remember that it may also have served as a complement to the reasons for voting not so that you can make a decision, remember that you count more lives as in the neighboring points with diagonals.